Light Up Shirts: A Guide


When shirts are worn, they look good on everyone, but they may look boring when worn by people, and they look plain. It is the high time that people make a custom shirt by using a commonly available electronics in the market and fabrics that we have making clothes.

Somebody can make their light up shirts at home by following some simple steps keenly using any lighting apparatus that they can think of and get. The best thing with having a light up shirt is that one can have his or her electric supply once there is some darkness covering the place, when partying or when the main power supply in a building or town goes out.

These types of shirts use cheap a rechargeable main chain of a flashlight to provide the light that is cheaply found together with some power supply and some fabric leftovers for the flourishes of the shirt. This is an easy process for anyone to be in a position to be able to try out at their comfort, but it requires some patients from those trying it out.

If you want to have a light up shirt by Flashion Statement , you should first make some decisions how you would wish the design of your shirt to look like. There are those who would wish to have a light up the starry sky for their shirt or those who would wish to have some light added to their favorite robot that is found on their shirts; these are different decisions of people.

But whatever your decision is, have some plan first and decide the number of lights you would wish to have and how you will have the wire run on the shirt. How you will have the light maintained on the shirt will be upon you since you will be the person using the shirt.

It is advisable to note that shirt that is made of cotton does not have nice edges once it has been cut, it usually curls hence causing a lot of frustrations for the person modifying it. Instead, choose a shirt that has a nice fabric that will be easy for the skilled person who will be working on it to do some good and recommendable job for you, battery pack lights for clothing here!

Light up shirts are used by people for different purposes, for advertisement, for fun, and in parties. When using the shirt for whichever purpose you should ensure that your shirt has enough light to avoid some embarrassment when the light goes off. To get some facts about fashion, visit



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